FlashBrowser 100k update

We reached over 100k downloads on GitHub. Thank you for trying out the browser.

Here is what we aim to do in the next months.

V 0.9 witch will be be focused on:

  • Performance improvements
  • Fixing issues reported on GitHub and Discord
  • Security updates for chromium and electron
  • Flash Search engine updates
  • Integrate crypto wallet with Elrond support
  • Flash Portal beta ( generate NFT from SWF )

Legacy and new game creators can give a new life to their games by minting NFT versions of the game. Using mint portal extra features can be added pay to play, rend add space in game, swap swf assets.

Game Creator Example :

 Developer writes a Flash game using AnimteCC & Actionscript 3.

 Once done he uses the mint portal to mint his game with the following parameters:

  • main_banner: 1 FLA ( partner projects can provide content to be displayed in the area  ) 
  • pay_to_play: 0 FLA ( the developer choses to make the game free to play ) 
  • unlock_premium: 10 FLA ( this unlock premium features in the game ) 
  • high_score_reward:1 FLA ( Beating the highest score reward the players wallet with 1 FLA if and when available from the advertisement payments  ) 

Developer chooses to sell the NFT’s on the NFT marketspace for 10.000 FLA. The new owner of the NFT uses the Flash Advertisement portal to buy space to promote his newly purchased game. Based on the success of the game he can make a profit or a loss.