Flash unplugged

While 99.9% percent of the population is counting down the days till this horrible years ends and hoping for a better 2021. The same countdown is also applicable to the flash plugin witch will be unplugged at the end of 2020 from all major browser.

The plugin architecture was abandoned a few years ago and replace by the more restrictive Chrome Extension method of adding adding functionality to your browser. A exception was made for the flash plugin because of the sheer amount of websites that still relied on it.

Alchemy and Web Assembly.

At the peak of its time a Alchemy was added to Flash Player, it allowed for c++ to be converted into high performing ActionScript code. This was in 2011, and it was pretty impressive at the time:

WebAssembly was first announced in 2015. This time the c++ would run in Javascript Emscripten compiles C and C++ to Wasm.

Now after almost a full Wasm is ready and we can use it to compile the whole Flash Player and use it in the browser

Why we need flash to work beyond 2020

Legacy is the first thing that comes to mind. Shift delate a decade of work is the alternative

Even if it provides just show off potential for the creators. Beyond that the Propriety production chanin that adobe build with Flash Profesional ( now called Adobe Animate ) that allows smiles development workflow for non tech people has no equivalent in the open source js world.

Sometimes you need a for profit billion dollar company to do this.

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