web browser dedicated to Flash.

Fast, light weight, built on chromium. 

Flash Browser has a integrated flash player with security optimizations so you can access flash content beyond 2021.


how it works

Browse the web and play flash content

The project is open source and allows for playback off all flash player content. It uses the latest plugin from Adobe. 

User base:

Flash Games are a big part of people lives. Nostalgia users will be the main target of the browser.





FlashBrowser will relay on a decentralized node system delivering streaming swf content to non desktop users. This feature is in feasability stage

Cross Platform

FlashBrowser is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux users. It offers a modern Chrome like tab navigation

You can tune your

Using an AI algorithm flash browser can suggest your next game. You can also set how much time you want to play and filter out unwanted content.


  • Flash Browser Beta Out on github. With chromimum engine build in electron. 

    +3000 downloads in first month


  • Flash Browser 1.0

    November 2021 - Release (Windows/MacOS/ Linux)
    YouTube + Tweeter Promotion Campaign

  • Initial DEX Offerings

    December 2021 - Pancakeswap

    Launch Templates website ( providing source code for flash games & other coin use cases )

  • Flash NFT Marketplace  2022

    Portal for developers to Buy and Sell original flash content. People can buy there favorite flash game as a NFT.

    Partner with Famous Flash Games creators

Founding Members

Meat the team!

We just started this project and are keen to find passionate team members. The easiest way to get in tough is through our git hub discussions. If you are technical and feel you can add to our code base you can submit a pull request with a new feature.

Radu Birsan

IT Guru

Online Education Expert

Flash Developer and IT Guru.

He worked in online education and learning management systems for IBM.

Developed the digital classroom project for Cyprus.

Virtual Machine Expert

Code master C++, Rust specialized in Virtual Machines, flash game developer. 

Crypto Head



if you love flash

Join us


  • Developer ( Electron , Javascript, PHP)
  • Blockchain developer
  • Early stage investor
  • Flash Games content creator ( Youtube & Tweeter )

    Want a preview ?

    We are hard at work to deliver the first stable release

    Visit our Github and our tweeter to get news on our progress.