What is Flash Player and why is Chrome using it

If you are born before 1990 you probably know. If not let me explain.

The web you are reading this now started off by allowing people to share text content just like this article and images. After a few years people wanted more.

Getting video to work smoothly was a big step towards the modern web. Many thing FlashPlayer success was due to games. Thats true but there is another big reason..

Introducing Video.

Internet Explorer wanted to play video from website by poping up Windows Media Player. Steve jobs wanted iTunes to play the video. There was no consensus. Adobe cam with the solution FlashPlayer. Keep in mind that the W3C did not exist back then se there ware no web standards.

And a small company name youtube launched a that uses FlashPlayer where anyone can upload and view videos.

So between the games and the online videos, people got used to the idea that the first thing you do after installing windows is you install flash player.

Here we started to get the first negative sentiment and that was caused by the updates you had to manual updated it.

So it’s 2010 everybody has FlashPlayer installed. Playing videos playing games. And the iPad comes out with no FlashPlayer support. Big problem for Adobe, sure no iPhone support was understandable because of performance issues, but the iPad had a much stronger processor and it still decided not to allow the player to run.