Top 3 tying games – Learn to type fast while having fun

Mastering touch typing is an essential skill for most modern jobs. Typing with one finger while looking at the keyboard is no longer acceptable.

Here are 3 games that will get your finger muscle memory going:

1 Qwerty-Warriors:

In this game you have to defend your base from invaders buy typing in the code on the screen.

Blast the words as they come. At the start the words are easy and invaders ore far apart. After you get used to it a more heavy army will get your typing speed to the limit.

Play it here

2. Type Racer

This is one of the most popular places to practice typing. I often start the day by doing a couple of racers. You play against players from all around the world. And you win the race by typing in the. text. The text are carefully selected so you will get some good quotes. You might want to buy the book after the race.

Play typeracer here