Flash Browsers 2022

So you need enable flash player in 2021?

Flash started as a Internet Explorer plug-in that allowed it to play video and other formats that were optimized for low file size and fast loading. It was used for video websites ( youtube etc) banners and Games 

I am willing to bet moust of you want to play an old game and thats why you are here so lets cut to the chase. 

Flash Enabled Browsers  ( August 2021 )

1. Basilisk-Portable

This is full featured browser based on the firefox engine. The flash conservation project Blue Maxima’s FlashPoint also uses it to build there windows desktop app. 

You need to get it from the web archive link because the latest version has disabled it. 

After download you need to unzip the file and run the executable. The  put in your favorit game link.

2. Flash Browser

This is a experimental borwser dedicated to flash. It is intendet to be used along side your default browser and only be used to access links with flash in them. Here is the github repo.

3 Minute video on how to intall flash browser:

3. Firefox Portable with Flash

Firefox is the known and reputable browser the only real direct competitor with the Chrome Engine.

This portable build has the built in flash player and the only thing you need to do is enable it form the address bar when flash content is available

4. Maxton

This is a Chinese browser that still supports flash player.