Passed 500 Downloads for FlashBrowser!

Today there are 500 people that downloaded Flash Browser, the only web browser that is dedicated to supporting flash player and the flash ecosystem.

Here are some reviews:

You can use the youtube channel for comments and suggestions for now

I will try to explain why there might be a user base for it in the few years. Although this 500 is users is not that much we can expect that with marketing and some optimisations the figure will go way past 1000 users. Now there are countless browsers out there with 10000+ users and Flash Browser can be one of them.

It is chromium based so it is as fast as google chrome. Users can use it to play flash or as a backup browser.

Flash Games will never die and nostalgia alone will mean people will bee looking for a flash Kick Back.

What about the hosting of them. Many websites are deleting the games and this can be a real problem. Thankfully there are thousands of websites and it will take years for admins to delete all of them. We plan on posting a list of websites that still support and display flash.

Why now in 2021 an not sooner. A flash dedicated browser did not make sense until the official date of the “killing”.

Now that all major browser disabled it there should be a market for it.

Wee need people that want to contribute!