What dose these mean? Are there 1000 people using the browser, are there boots downloading is there a real user base of people playing flash content in 2021?



Nostalgic users

Nostalgia users, people that played flash games in over 10 years ago! Most of this users are 30+ and can constitute a good base for the browser. Here is a video on how flash can capitalize on the power of nostalgia:

Game developers

Developing games has never been easier then using Adobe Animate (a.k.a Flash Professional) 

You get the timeline, you get the scalable vector graphics and a 2021 level programming language in as3. While flash games can be packaged to go to the different platforms iOS, Android, PlayStation etc. Flash browser can server as a early launchpad for POC validation. 

Flash Blockchain users

The flash blockchain will empower both flash content creators and consumers.

Flash Coin will be mined by hosting Flash Browser Pro. The pro version of the browser will have additional code to validate the proof of stake chain. Flash coin will be used to pay for flash content in the form of games, games NFT, interactive courses, etc.