Flash Browser 10000+ Downloads!

Today 12.12.2021 FlashBrowser passed 10000 downloads:

Latest release v0.7 has over 200 downloads in 48h:

A huge thanks to single click adds for providing a backlink in there chrome extension.

Next steps are to continue development:

V0.8 – Flash is Dead

  • Edit favorites and history screen
  • Dropdown with suggestions in address bar including web addresses and flash games
  • Integrated option to share browsing history ( this will allow us to know what websites people are using and how better to support them)
  • Github Publish for Windows 32&64 Bit, MacOS & Linux distribution.
  • Improvements to seach.flash.pm ( Include flash game Archie database )
  • Chinese language support

v 0.9 – Flash Black 

This will be the last version the Beta release

  • Integrate security check for all node modules used.
  • Integration with latest flash player 50
  • Preload for favorite pages
  • Integrate Chrome extensions support
  • Flash.pm ruffe extension for chrome ( extension will play as3 swf inside chrome and FlashBrowser when detecting as3 content.
  • Community reach out. ( will try to get support from the Flash community, FlashPoint, FlashGameArchive, Starling)

Flash Browser 2022

Who thought flash will still be around in 2022. Here are what a dedicated web browser with flash support can bring to the table

Flash Game Creation

  • Easy game creation for every aspiring indie developer to quickly put together a prototype for his game using game templates of starting from scratch using Adobe Animate & Actionscript. To help out we will have a dedicated page with templates and video instructions on a number of game types.

Flash Players

An essential part for indie developers is feedback. Flash Browser is working on a incentive systems where people can play, rate fund new games being deployed in SWF format. This systems will revolve around blockchain and we are planning for this to be the backbone of a future flash economy.

Beyond Gaming

Cartoon creation is yet another strong feature of Animate CC. We are looking into ways to use the same blockchain system for indie cartoon creators and consumers.

VR scenes don’t have to be unreal and Animate CC provides one of the easiest ways to build metaverse experiences

Collaboration with WASM Ruffle we plan to reach out to them when when we have version 1.0 out. This amazing team provide a 99% fully functional support for as2 format swf and are currelty working on as3.

The web is a open and flash has a place on it through the power of WebAssembly.

Join our Discord or mail at at flashblockchain 🐒 gmail.com