Flash ecosystem re Imagined

Flash Coin

Flash Token is a ESDT Token running on the Elrond Blockchain


Flash Browser integration.

Flash Token is not limited to one browser or platform. Running on the Elrond blockchain anyone can integrate it.

That being said Flash Browser will be the best way to interact with flash ecosystem: 


True High Performance

Load your favorite websites in a flash. Support for pre-load favorite websites will allow you to instantly check your most visited websites. Based on chromium with a integrated add blocker.


  • Initial P.O.C

    Flash Browser Beta Out on github. With chromium engine build in electron. Available for Windows and MacOS (3000 downloads in first month.)


  • Social Media

    November 2021 - Release (Windows/MacOS/ Linux)
    YouTube + Tweeter Promotion Campaign


  • Seed Founders

    Active seed round. Up to 20% of total supply with vested scheduled release. 

    For details contact flashblockchain@gmail.com


    October 2022 -X DEX submission

  • NFT Portal

    November 2022 - NFF ( Non Fungible Flash )  will be a way for creators to sell a unique version of there content in the SWF format. 

  • Official Release

    Q1 2023 - Flash Browser 1.0 Will be released. With integrated Elrond wallet and NFT minting capabilities  

Whant to know more?

Here is our white paper v0.2